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Skin Lightening/ Whitening Treatment


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You want to look great and feel confident when you are going out in public. But you feel self-conscious about your face and hence avoid being in public, usually. This is the main reason why people like you go to great lengths to get a lighter skin tone and brighter face that make them feel better and confident.

Why People Prefer Skin Whitening Treatment for a Lighter Skin Tone

As skin color draws immediate attention to a person, many individuals feel more confident and beautiful in lighter skin tones. Hence, people with dark complexion usually go for skin whitening treatment to achieve fairer, brighter face and other body parts.

Skin whitening is a process which involves melanin reduction for lightening the skin tone. This process is also known as skin bleaching or skin lightening. The skin bleaching includes many techniques – all have one prime goal to reducing the concentration of melanin that is responsible for darker skin tone. Melanin is produced by melanosomes present inside melanocytes.

Melanin’s greater number is directly proportional to dark skin color. Besides their amount, type of melanin and distribution pattern of melanosomes within the melanocytes also influences the color of skin. Not only this, but Melanin is also accountable for absorbing solar rays in order to save your skin from harmful effects of UV rays.

When you go out in the sun, your skin is exposed to hazards UV rays. For effective protection against these rays, the amount of melanin increases automatically. Now, an increase in melanin causes skin tanning in which parts of your facial skin look darker and patchy.

Not only sun exposure, but there are also a number of causes that produce uneven skin tone, dark complexion, and dull skin. Clearly, there are several reasons people look for an effective skin lightening technique that can bring them amazing results and make them feel beautiful inside-out.

What is Skin Whitening/Lightening Treatment?

Basically, skin whitening is a process that uses a number of techniques for reducing the amount of melanin in one’s skin to make it look supple, brighter, and lighter in tone. However, this technology cannot turn an inherent dark skin type white. But it can make a dark skin look presentable via enhancing its texture and tone through advanced procedures.

Primary Skin Disorders that Require Skin Whitening Treatment

As stated above, there are a number of reasons why your skin looks dull and darker. However, not every cause requires skin whitening treatment but there are certain conditions when you need skin bleaching to help it resume its previous condition. Given below are topmost conditions that require to be cured through the said procedure:

  • Tanning
  • Age spots & patchy skin
  • Deeper pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Dark circles
  • Dark complexion

Here is explained each of the above mentioned problem in detail so that you can learn how to take preventive measures for avoiding some of the conditions. You will also get to know about treatment options available for some of these skin disorders.

Let’s begin!


In a country like India, tanning is inevitable during the summers. No matter how you plan to cover yourself completely or use a good sunscreen, tanning is sure to come when going out in sun. Before you jump into prevention methods for tanning, here is what causes this skin problem in people which sometimes gets worsen and leads to sun burn – a more dangerous condition than the tanning itself.

The upper layers of skin are called epidermis. These epidermal layers absorb the Ultraviolet radiations present in solar rays. The UV rays with higher energy of radiation can damage the epidermal layers of skin via altering cells’ DNA. This leads to darker skin tone that is called tanning. It’s an initial state of the ill effects of sun. The longer the sun exposure is the greater the amount of tanning will be. Hence, darker skin starts to burn and you will see discoloration of the membrane with brown patches on it. To avoid tanning, you should prevent from stepping out during the peak time when sun rays are the strongest. Covering up well is also a good idea and you shouldn’t forget applying and re-applying a good quality sunscreen with higher SPF when going out in the sun. However, these measures are not a proven way for avoiding the harmful effects of solar rays and to get completely out of this problem you can think of applying skin bleaching treatment for yourself.

Age Spots & Patchy Skin

As mentioned earlier, UVA radiation penetrates far deeper into the skin, as it can directly affect blood vessels and nerves laying beneath your dermis. Once the blood vessels get damaged and become low in numbers in UAV exposed areas of skin it reduces the blood circulation to that part of the dermis.

An interrupted blood circulation meaning a part of your skin is getting less nutrition from your body to look supple and luminous. Hence it leads to a situation called premature ageing. In its severe state, that part of your body starts looking patchy and can have many age spots here which is know as hyper-pigmentation.

There are various approaches to treat this condition but the best cure is avoiding longer sun exposure. However, if the nature of your jobs involves being out in the sun for long durations, it is better to cover yourself well with a cotton cloth and use top-quality sunscreen lotion that has higher SPF.

Deeper Pigmentation

There are many factors between you and a flawless, clear skin. Some of them are hormonal imbalance, longer sun exposure, and free radicals that damage your skin texture and its tone. This condition leads to dark spots and pigmentation that make you look older than you are.

To understand this concern completely, lets start from beginning.

You have become aware so far that there are innumerous melanocytes present in our skin. These melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin that gives skin its color. This melanin also protects our skin from harmful UV rays via absorbing them.

When you are not exposed to sun, the excess amount of melanin gets deposited in the skin and makes that area look darker and patchy. These dark patches or pigmentation follow an irregular pattern of distribution on the skin. Hence, some part of your face or body looks darker due to hyper-pigmentation whereas other sections of it look lighter due to the hypo-pigmentation.

What’s more, solar rays have two types of UV rays included to it – UVA & UVB. While UAV radiation cause sunburn via burning the epidermal layers of skin, AVB radiations tend to penetrated deeper into the dermis. This triggers the melanocytes for producing larger amount of melanin thus leads to pigmentation and prematurely aged skin.

There are many home remedies to treat this condition for achieving better and faster results you must rely on therapeutic solutions that might also include skin whitening.

However, dermatologists also suggest using specific products with top quality anti-pigmentation ingredients in it to say good bye to these unwanted spots on your dermis. A right pigmentation reduction system also includes three steps towards luminous skin – understanding the basic cause for the issue, selecting a right method for treating the problem, and implying post-treatment care to enhance skin’s radiance forever.


It is another sort of pigmentation that is triggered by a change in hormonal balance. Women on birth control pills or hormone replacement medicines are highly prone to hormonal imbalance and hence to Melasma. During the pregnancy when hormonal imbalance is at its peak, Melasma becomes a commonly occurring issue. This is why this state is also known as mask of pregnancy.

In this skin disorder you will observe dark, irregular patches on forehead, cheeks, upper lips, and/or nose tip on your face.

Various products and advanced treatment technologies can help combat this problem. Few of the effective solutions are a combination of advanced dermal peel and assisted laser action.

These therapies use laser to dissolve melanin whilst dermal peels exfoliate your skin via gently erasing upper layers of dermis. These peels also control the excess of melanin production and increase the number of healthy cells to bring you clear complexion, lighter skin tone, and instant glow.

Dark Circles

Even though you are having 8 hours of sleep and embarking on a nutritional diet, dark circles around the eyes seems to be a persistent issue. There are some natural remedies that help lighten the dark areas around your eyes but none of them is so effective to get complete rid from this most common problem.

Staying hydrated all day long is one of the cures whilst applying top quality eye cream is another method that is used by many looking for a way out of the issue.

Exercising regularly is one of the effective solutions that not only reduce the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes but it is also helpful for a number of skin and body ailments.

Trying your hand at yoga will boost your blood circulation that leaves you with a glowing, radiant skin. The same goes with dark circles as the better the blood circulation is the lesser the pigmentation around the eyes will be.

However, in today’s rapidly moving life, taking time for exercise is difficult. Hence, there must be a faster and easier therapy to get completely rid of the issue.

Here comes the importance of skin lightening treatment. This has no downtime, no pain, and faster results at affordable cost. No need to say that why many individuals are preferring this treatment over home remedies for getting healthy looking facial and body skin with lighter skin tone under the eyes.

Skin Whitening/Lightening Treatment: To Make the Complexion Light & Bring Shine to Face

Flawless skin and fairer skin tone is a dream of every woman and man. To treat dark skin tone, one of the most effective methods is laser skin whitening treatment.

This process is done under the supervision of qualified dermatologists who ensure that the laser treatment given to you is suitable to your skin type.

The laser skin bleaching method is a painless process with no downtime and can be achieved at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. What else, there are various types of laser skin lightening treatments that assist in correcting various skin problems like dark spots, patches, uneven skin tone, and hyper- or hypo-pigmentation via using concentrated laser beams on the effective areas of your skin.

More Treatment Options under Skin Lightening/Whitening Treatment

So, mentioned above are various issues that cause darker skin tone in people. Some inherit darker complexion while others lead a lifestyle that is responsible for a dull, dark tone. Reasons could be anything but this is the fact that today’s scientific era has brought to you many state-of-the-art techniques and medications that make your skin 6 to 8 shades lighter within a short period of time.

Those are looking for a suitable skin lightening/whitening treatment for their selves can find the below section of this discussion useful as it informs you about popular skin whitening methods that we offer.

Let’s begin with PRP!


PRP is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma. It is concentrated form of blood that contains 3-5 times more platelets than the number of platelets that are found in normal blood. In this technique patient’s own blood is extracted to produce PRP.

This is then re-injected to the patient on the targeted areas of skin. It is a non-invasive and faster procedure that uses patient’s own blood platelets to treat wrinkles and folds. This treatment also helps the facial skin to rejuvenate and create smoother skin tone and texture. For the best results, it is advised to go for three treatments in a span of four to six weeks. The effects of the treatment are long lasting and stay up to three years.

Though, yearly basis touch up sessions may be required to keep your skin intact and glowing. This treatment is best for people with pronounced signs of aging due to several factors including sun exposure, smoking, and genetic or environmental factors.

Also, it is a cost-effective method for achieving younger-looking, subtle skin. It is done by a licensed practitioner hence is completely safe and almost free form side effects as patient’s own blood plasma is used for the treatment.

Fractional Laser

In this technique, a device is used for delivering a laser beam on the affected skin area. This single laser beam is divided into multiple microscopic zones and each of the treatment zone targets a single fraction of skin at a time. This laser beam penetrates deeper into the skin up to dermis as a column of energy ray.

The laser works at epidermal and dermal, both the layers simultaneously. This means that a column of laser ray burns all of the cells coming its way up to dermis. This therapy is basically used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, sun damages, skin pigmentation, and Melasma.

This method triggers the collagen cells present in the dermal layer of skin to produce healthy collagen. The positive results of the treatment become visible within four to five months.

The condition of the target skin and amount of laser energy used to treat the disorder decide how many sessions a patient needs to completely get rid of the issue. However, once in a month session is usually prescribed to the patient.

Deep Chemical Peels

If you have badly sun damaged skin, deep facial wrinkles, or blotchy skin then you are a good candidate for deep chemical peel.

In this process strong chemicals are used on your skin. These chemicals are allowed to penetrate your skin deep up to the dermis. This is a bit painful method that requires a local anesthesia to numb the skin where the treatment is supposed to be performed.

What else, you will be given some medication for up to eight weeks before the procedure. This pre-treatment phase will prepare your skin for the deep chemical peel via thinning the epidermal layer of skin so that the penetrating chemicals sit on the skin evenly and deeply. This phase also ensures a speedy recovery post treatment.

In this method, a step-by-step cleansing process is applied to completely remove damaged cells from the affected area. As the chemicals can penetrate down to dermis, all the unhealthy cells present in this area are completely vanished, in the process. Deep chemical peel has long-lasting results for up to ten years. Also it is one of the most effective solutions out there for enhancing the skin appearance.

Glutathione Injections

Glutathione injections are popular skin whitening injections across the world. These associate powerful results and long-lasting effect with them.

Basically, dermatologists use L-Glutathione. These injections are also combined with other powerful ingredients like Vitamin C, Kojic acid, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B3 & B5, and Alpha Lipoic acid.

In simple words, Glutathione is an influential anti-oxidant which helps eliminate free radicals in the body. It is also a good source of glycine, cysteine, and glutamate which not only helps in prevention of damage of cells but also they are useful for cell replenishment.

Glutathione injection when administered to the body brings to you amazing results that include disappearance of age symptoms like fine lies and wrinkles, strengthening the collagens to increase skin elasticity, improving the complexion, and preventing the hyperpigmentation. Glutathione is also accountable for increasing the body immunity and rectifying the sleep disorders. These injections can also be taken for preventing your skin from harmful UV rays.

CO2 Fractional Laser

The breakthrough new CO2 fractional laser treatment is used for a complete elimination of aging signs, such as deep folds and wrinkles. It is also ultimately good at removal of Smokers Lines around upper and lower lips. Apart from this, the treatment is proven equally beneficial for people suffering from deep pigmentation, acne, and sagging skin. This is a little painful process hence strong pain killers are suggested to patients.

Also, the area where the treatment is to be done is made numb via using local anesthesia. Then doctors target the highly controlled laser beam at the affected part of your skin. This laser beam uses narrow light beam to penetrate a quarter of an inch into your skin. The heat of this light ray spreads evenly underneath the skin and attacks at fibroblast and macrophages cells that are responsible for skin repair and tightening.

Over the time, new cells start to appear and you feel more younger-looking, tightening skin than before.

ND Yag Laser

The ND Yag Laser is a part of laser skin bleaching treatment which includes the use of high energy laser beams on to the affected skin areas. This sort of laser treatment is ideal for Asian skin type and uses certain wavelengths of radiation to eliminate undesirable skin cells.

The course of action of these wavelengths associate deeper layers of skin called dermis hence its results are outstanding. Also, this treatment triggers the new skin cell formation hence brings to you radiant skin post treatment. The ND Yag Laser treatment doesn’t harm the epidermis and works only at damaged cells and dark spots (cells containing excess of melanin).

Suring the procedure, it also aids in formation of new collagen and essential protein that makes your skin look younger, supple, and hydrated. This is widely used laser skin lightening treatment that has no downtime and side effects. This is an affordable skin whitening technique that can be used on all skin types.

Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan treatment is designed keeping people in mind with Melasma, pigment discoloration, and acne. This treatment is a successful alternative to laser treatments. The primary function of this method is enhancing the skin appearance via eliminating the dark spots on the face.

Apart from skin lightening, the process is also beneficial in prevention of dark skin from reappearing. It is done by the azelaic acid that is an important ingredient of cosmelan treatment. Salicylic acid, another key ingredient, rings wonderful results for acne-prone skins.

This acid helps shed the upper layer of skin revealing radiant cells beneath it. This acid works on acne pores and neutralizes the bacterial growth. Once this is achieved, pores are reduced to a much smaller size than before to get your skin the porcelain appearance.

The duration of the treatment depends on severity of the problem and age of the patient. Once the desired results are achieved through this process, a maintenance application is scheduled to prevent hyper-pigmentation or patchy skins from returning.

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