Mammoplasty/Breast Reduction

Mammoplasty/Breast Reduction

Mammoplasty/Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reduction surgery or reductive mammoplasty is a safe and definitive approach aimed at reshaping excessively large breasts. It is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeries in the advancing age. Although female breasts signify femininity and are symbolic of aesthetic, undesirably large and pendulous breasts disrupt the harmony of female figure. Apart from drawing unwanted attention, it also harms the self esteem of women.

Breast reduction surgeries are a major surgery though more common than we assume and women who undergo it have satisfying experience. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to attain a smaller and desirable size and shape which is in harmony with the body figure.

Reductive Mammoplasty or Breast Reduction Surgery

Who needs it

Women with huge, large and pendulous breasts who are not happy with their appearance and suffer discomfort in their day to day life due to their large breasts are ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery. It is also seen that women seek breast reduction surgery to gain their body figure back once they have delivered as there are certain undesirable changes in the shape and size of breasts post-partum.

There can also be cases wherein young girls have disproportionately large breasts which are not in accordance with their body figure and height. Such females can seek treatment once they attain maturity that is they are 17-20 years of age. So the surgeons suggest the ideal time to undergo the breast reduction surgery is after one has done the child bearing as the body shape and structure does not change after that.

Benefits of breast reduction

Breast reduction is highly effective with guaranteed patient satisfaction. There is visible reduction in shape and size of the breasts which the patient is able to appreciate herself following weeks after surgery. There is significant increase in body positivity and self-esteem. Women after breast reduction surgeries are able to dress the way they want without drawing unwanted attention to their breasts. There is overall improvement in body figure and personal and social well being.

Apart from getting rid of the excess fat and weight, women get relieved of pain and discomfort. There are no more straps digging into shoulders leading to bra strap indentations and rashes, skin irritation and profuse sweating underneath breasts. Women find themselves free from postural concerns or constant self consciousness about the way their breasts appear and are able to perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities.

What to expect

Breast reduction is a procedure that removes glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts making them firmer and smaller. Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of nipple and helps to restore sagging breasts to give them more youthful appearance. Breast reduction is a major surgery and like all major surgeries, there are some certain risks associated with it. There is a recovery time ranging from weeks to months depending on the type and extent of surgery. Sometimes the shape may not be exactly same as desired by the patients. The benefits of breast reduction surgery overweigh any potential risk or complications. The commonly encountered complications of breast reduction surgery include bruising and infection or necrosis of breast tissue. There is also swelling which may increase during or prior to menstrual cycle. The nipple might appear unevenly positioned after surgery. In rare cases there can be loss of nipple, partial or complete as well as partial or complete loss of nipple sensation. Many females also complain of possible loss of ability to breastfeed, though this is more psychological than physical. Women who smoke are obviously at a higher risk for poor healing, incomplete tissue repair and infection and necrosis. Breast reduction surgery does leave scar but now the newer techniques such as vertical breast reduction has greatly reduced the permanent scars. These scars generally fade over time and are not objectionable unless hypertrophied.

However, there are certain restrictions to adhere to, post breast reduction surgery. One should avoid stretching or heavy lifting up to six weeks after operation. Breasts should be handled very carefully and should not undergo any trauma or injury during the course of healing.

Above all, the result of breast reduction surgery is promising and long lasting. It helps women to attain a perfect body shape and get rid of the heavy breast and unwanted weight. It provides both physical and emotional benefits. Women gain youthful appearance and feel more confident about the way they look.