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The female breast is an important organ as well as an essential feature to the feminine body. It is closely associated with the aesthetic of a female body and hence a lot of focus has been given to the shape and size of breasts. Breast Augmentation, also known as Augmentation mammaplasty, (mammoplasty or mastoplasty) is the procedure of enhancing the shape and size of the female breast.

There are cases in which the desired growth of breast is not attained owing to various reasons, due to which females are not able to see themselves in a good light and feel that they have a disproportionate figure. Breast augmentation is aboon for these females to achieve their desired shape and size that further enriches their confidence, personality making their life more meaningful.

Who needs it?

There cannot be a single parameter to define ideal shape and size for all the females in general as it is often determined by genetics, cultural and physical characteristics of an individual. However, there are certain features desired by all.

Many a times, the breast development of females is not appropriate or not in accordance to their body built and appearance. In such cases, the overall feminine figure loses harmony and elegance which leads to a feeling of body dysmorphism. Females can seek correction surgeries and add positivity to their body figure.

Many women seek breast augmentation surgeries for their hypoplastic breasts i.e. breasts smaller in size or breasts with less glandular tissue. Those females who have undergone reduction in size or involution of breasts post pregnancy also go for breast augmentation. While another very important reason to seek breast augmentation procedure is the natural asymmetry of the breasts.Other reasons range from lack of fullness, poor cleavage and lack of projection.

Hence, it is therefore important for the plastic surgeon to consider the desires of patients prior to planning the breast augmentation surgeries.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has a significant positive influence on the body and the individual as a whole. as a result of improved appearance, the individual undergoes a fantastic experience of body positivity. Most important of all, it improves self-esteem and social opportunities. A confident mind set also helps these females achieve more professionally with improved job opportunities.

As a result of improved shape and size of the breast, they are now able to choose from a variety of clothing without much hassle.

Above all, nothing can compare the emotional well being that females experience following breast augmentation. They also associate it as feeling more youthful and contend about the way they look.

What to expect post-surgery

Breast augmentation is often misunderstood as increase in size only, however this is not the actual scenario. Breast augmentation does more than just increasing the size of the breasts. It helps in rectifying or modifying the upper body of a female and also to gain more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing breasts. Breast augmentation is not for every woman but if the breasts are too small and are not the right shape, one should also seek breast augmentation to get the desired look and live life to the fullest. Majority of women are not sure of what to expect after breast augmentation and hence despite of the desire and need, they often delay or even deny breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a day care procedure and once the procedure is complete, one can return to normal life after about a week of rest. There are certain minor complications seen in some females which range from pain, swelling, bruising and numbness. The patient should seek their treating doctor regarding any of these which usually resolve which the course of healing.There are certain things that are to be taken care of by females post operative to reduce pain and swelling. One should sleep upright that is in a recliner, for the first 48 hours after the operation. All strenuous activities should be avoided for two or three weeks after surgery like exercises, lifting objects including limiting the amount of times the hands are raised above the head, which will help reduce swelling. Generally, most people return to their normal levels of activity after eight weeks of surgery.