About Us

About Us


Skin & Hair Clinic in Delhi and Gurgaon

Cosmotree clinic is a well -known clinical service provider in cosmology and dermatology. A simple idea to provide reliable and top quality hair and skin related treatments leads an emerging clinical centre ‘Cosmotree clinic’. Our prime focus is to understand the requirements and needs of the patients and address them a quality service as they want. We have a dedicated team of board certified Hair Specialist and Skin Specialist with years of experience in subject and they treat patients with utmost care and dedication. We analyse your problems, understand your needs and offer treatments according to that. Our core strengths are best quality, cost effective and timely service and costumer related approach.


Our mission is to help people to raise their standards of living as well as maintaining health and well- being by providing the robust and coordination service in the field Cosmology and Dermatology.


To become the pioneer in providing prominent services related to hair and skin problem and to make the revolution in the clinical sector to earn trusted name.


  • 24/7,365 days service
  • Well trained team of highly expert people experienced in particular treatment
  • Scientifically proved treatments and techniques to ensure safety
  • Equipment used for treatment are advance and imported
  • Our quality service is committed to excellence
  • Customized services can be provided according to customers need

Our Services

  1. Tattoo Removal
    We provide all the effective treatments for permanently removal of the tattoo in an affordable price and with safety.

  2. Skin Whitening
    Make your dull face and skin completely glowing and fairer with the help of our advance technology and effective treatment

  3. Laser Treatments
    It is an effective treatment to get rid of excess and unwanted hairs of the body for both men and woman.

  4. PRP Therapy
    PRP therapy is proven to help you to regain your loosed hairs temporary. It is a best alternative for surgical treatments for baldness

  5. Hair transplant
    We are renowned for Best hair transplantation in Delhi. For all those looking to regain their losed hairs, our team will help you to get desired results of hair transplant.

  6. Vitiligo treatment
    Our team of expert and experienced people will help you to gain original colour of your skin by applying suitable treatments for vitiligo removal.

  7. Tanning removal treatment
    Worried due to tanned and dark skin? It time to regain your original appearance with the help of our tanning removal treatments which are proven to be effective to get back your original look.

  8. Pigmentation removal treatment
    For all those frustrated due to darkness and pigmentation of the skin. We provide result oriented pigmentation treatments in cost effective manners.

  9. Dark spot removal
    Dark spots are real bane to your glowing skin. Get advance treatments with our specialists and regain your original look.

Why Us?

Appealing look and glowing skin always improve one's self -confidence and self -esteem. People like to be beautiful and attractive. ‘Cosmo tree clinic’ is a cost effective way to fulfil all your dreams in the very short period. We give new life to your skin and hairs and help you to regain your hidden personality. Utmost care and dedication of each member of the staff has made Cosmo tree clinic a comfortable place to visit and share all their issues. We understand their problems and customize plans according their needs.

Our team of highly skilled experts present at your service 24/7 and 365 throughout the years with utmost degree of quality and commitment. We care every small issue and work for 100% customer satisfaction.